Consent Order Divorce

 Important Aspects You Must Know Regarding a Consent Order Divorce

More often than not, when a married couple goes through a divorce process, both parties reach a mutual agreement regarding their properties and financial affairs without having the need of filing a consent order divorce. Strictly speaking, the division of property and finances is made in the form of a verbal agreement. However it is highly recommended that a consent order to be filled in and we will shortly explain the main reasons why.

What is a Consent Order Divorce?

As mentioned before, divorced couples can generally handle their financial affairs on their own, through mutual agreement not recognized by the law. However, a consent order is the legal approach of a divorced couple to handle their financial affairs, thus making their mutual agreement recognized by the court. Once the consent order has been validated by the court, both parties must keep their end of the agreement, otherwise one party will be able to bring the opposing party in court and enforce the consent order.

What is the importance of a consent order divorce?

A consent order is important mainly due to the human nature. Although you might have a verbal agreement with your spouse regarding your financial affairs, the passage of time or the influence of other people can bring change into people’s minds, including past decisions, and, quite often, years after the divorce process, ex couples usually end up resorting to the law in order to settle their financial affairs legally. Unfortunately, filing a consent order years after the divorce process has ended will not only be very expensive, but also upsetting in the least.

Furthermore, a consent order will handle the division of family property, shares and investments, family business, savings and debts, as well as child and spousal support; these are very important reasons for both parties to agree on filing a consent order at the right time.

Consent Order Divorce – How to make the whole process easier to handle

The best way to deal with filing a consent order is for you and your spouse to get in touch with a solicitor. Both parties will need to explain the financial details to the solicitor and complete a form called the “Statement of Information Form”. ¬†The solicitor will then act as a mediator between you, your spouse, and the court – so your presence will not actually be required at the court. Once the court analyzes and agrees with your terms of property and financial division, the consent order will be rubber stamped and validated by the court. However, keep in mind that there can be cases in which the court will not be satisfied with the information given in the Statement of Information Form, case in which your presence will be required.

One last thing: consider getting in touch with an online company qualified to handle consent orders, in which case you might be able to considerably lower the costs of your consent order divorce.